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What is programming ?

We often hear the comments from people that ATM is out of order as it is not programmed correctly, or this system is not programmed in specified way. From these words one can know the importance of programming in our daily Life.


Programming or coding is one of the steps in Software development life cycle (SDLC).The programming is done based on the specification of the clients which is considered as requirements. Once the requirements are collected, feasibility study will be done. If the client’s requirement is feasible, then actual programming is done.


Programming is defined as the source code or computer instructions which make the computer or system to perform a specific task. The success of the programming depends how well it meets the requirements of the clients, it should not be too complicated to handle, simple coding etc.

The programming is done by programmer/software developer by using the single or multiple programming languages. The choice of the programming language depends upon company policy, individual preference, suitability to task.


Programming is usually done by fragmenting into different tasks and then integrated them to form software. Programming language contain two important elements namely syntax and semantics. The syntax is form or format of the language and semantics deals with rules while writing the program.


The programming language are of two types namely:


  1. Low Level language

  2. high level languages.


Some of the programming languages are C, C#, C++ Java, Matlab etc..


Once the programming is done by the programmer it undergoes software testing, in which the testing is done on factual data in order to check the accuracy in programming. Most of the Errors in coding will be corrected at this stage before actual implementation in live platform.


In order to become a good programmer, one has to be very good in programming language the complete knowledge about the language is must instead of mugging the things try writing the codes practically. When one started writing the programming language, they can actual find the difference between the bookish things and real usage of it.

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